From Tree to table we sell 100% natural maple syrup and related products. The In City Sugar Shack is family owned and has been operating for 10 years just outside downtown Claremont, NH.

Starting ten years ago with a few trees lining the driveway, John, Maria, and their children began the adventure of making their own syrup.  From those days of feeding a fire with wood harvested all fall, to now, a state-of-the-art evaporator, the 7 tree sugar bush has grown into some 1900 taps spanning 20 acres.. The tin buckets have been replaced with tubing and the sap is now running into 200 gallon containers. 

Every year, the syrup is different, each run is different, but it is guaranteed that for 100 gallons of sap boiled down 10 gallons of syrup, the outcome is always sweet.

Our sugar shack continues to grow, the technology has increased, but the love and labor involved all year round can be tasted in each piece of maple candy, syrup and cream. Fill free to contact us to order some of the best syrup east of Vermont.