We live in the small town of Claremont, New Hampshire. One night in 2008, we all started talking about how maple syrup was made. After that night, everything changed, We took family trips to almost every sugarhouse that we could think of and learned everything we could about how to start our very own. Those family trips then turned into long days at the kitchen stove boiling our very own sap from the seven trees that were in our backyard. Soon enough, we all finally discovered that boiling at the kitchen stove was not as good of an idea as it started out being. Therefore, we knew it was time to go onto bigger and better things!

That next year we bought our very first evaporator and built our very own sugar arch. Those 7 little taps turned into 30 and that is when we¬†knew that this wasn’t just a small family project anymore, this had the potential to be a real business.

So here we are! Nine years later and those seven taps went from 30 to more than 1,750! As before, we are still expanding our sugar bush and our ways of production. Now, we have decided to share our joyous adventures in little candies, creams, and syrups with you! We hope that you and your families can enjoy our maple sugar products just as much as we do.